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Siding Installation & Repair Services in Baltimore

Siding can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. New siding can also add instant curb appeal to a dated or weathered home. If your siding has holes in it, is rotting, or you are looking to upgrade your home’s look, you may want to consider siding repair, or new siding installation from Park Heights Roofing

Park Heights Roofing can help you get the right siding for your home. We offer quality siding products that not only look good, but will add insulation and protect your home from wind, hail, rain, and all the weather elements we experience here in Baltimore.

Siding Installation in Baltimore

If your siding is aging, it may be time to replace it. As siding ages it can become brittle and may incur damage a lot easier, compromising the integrity of the exterior of your home and increasing the possibility of damage to structural components of your home.

At Park Heights Roofing we install vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding, there are many advantages to adding vinyl siding to your home.

  • Vinyl siding can help add insulation to your home saving you energy. Our insulated siding range can help bring additional energy savings to your home.
  • Insulated vinyl siding adds an extra noise barrier, not only protecting your home from the elements, but protecting your home from excessive outside noise.
  • When it comes to maintenance, vinyl siding is easy to take care of. A good wash down once a year should keep your vinyl siding look like new.
  • Vinyl siding is an affordable way to add insulation and aesthetics to your home.
  • If you are looking for durable protection for your home, vinyl siding may last longer than other types of siding and is made to stand up to tough weather conditions.

Protect your home and decrease your energy bills with new siding installation from Park Heights Roofing.

Siding Repair in Baltimore

When it comes to your home’s siding you may not need siding replacement, it could be possible that you are in need of siding repair. Siding is very durable, however sometimes problems do arise. You may have siding that has come loose during a storm, or you may have a piece or two of siding that has taken on some damage. Repairing this siding can help protect your home from damage and reduce premature aging.

It is important to catch problems early, especially when it comes to loose or cracked siding. The earlier you find the problem, the easier it will be to repair without having to replace your homes siding. If you are not sure whether your siding can be repaired, contact us, our siding company in Baltimore can assess the damage to your siding letting you know of any repairs that need to be made.

Why Choose Park Heights Roofing?

Since 2001 Israel Elgamil and the team at Park Heights Roofing have been using their years of experience and knowledge to build the best roofing company in the area. We believe in providing our customers the best service possible when it comes to their roofing needs. We have received many awards for our high quality roofing services, including Baltimore’s Best Roofer by Baltimore Magazine. We are also a multi-time recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Awards on–awarded to only the top five percent of companies in each industry.

We take pride in every service we provide, whether we are helping you maintain your roof, or we are replacing a roof that is no longer protecting your home, we promise to deliver the highest quality workmanship.

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