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Chimney Repair & Restoration in the Baltimore Metro Area

Are there visible cracks in the bricks or mortar of your chimney? Are there any signs that the mortar is crumbling? If so, chimney repointing is a great way to repair your chimney before the damage gets so bad that you have to have a complete chimney rebuild.

Although our name may be Park Heights Roofing, we are much more than just a roofing company. The chimney is an integral part of your roof, so it is our priority ensure that the health of your entire roof is intact–and not just the shingles.

Neglecting your chimney can cause serious issues to the integrity of your home, but with Park Heights Roofing, you don’t have to worry. Our chimney repointing and repair services can have your chimney back to like-new condition, protecting your home and restoring the aesthetics of your home.

If you think you need chimney repointing services in Baltimore or the surrounding area, contact the chimney repointing and roofing experts at Park Heights Roofing today. We can give your chimney a thorough assessment and make an honest recommendation about the condition of your chimney and the services it may require.

Our Chimney Repointing Process

Chimney repointing takes specific skills. It is the process of fixing mortar that has cracked or is missing and if it is not completed properly, it can cause more damage to your chimney than the cracked or missing mortar.

The process of chimney repointing includes many steps and should always be completed by a professional. Here are the steps that should be taken when it comes to chimney repointing in Baltimore.

  • Assessing Your Chimney – The first step in repointing is to assess your chimney to determine how much damage has been done to your mortar. This includes using special tools to assess the extent of damage.
  • Removing Old Mortar Joints – It is important when old mortar joints are removed that this is done correctly. If it is not done correctly, it can cause damage to the surrounding mortar and brick.
  • Mortar Application – Once the damage has been assessed and old mortar removed a specialized mortar mix that closely matches existing mortar should be applied.
  • Seal The Mortar – To finish the chimney repointing sealant should be added to help prevent moisture getting into the chimney.

If your home is aging, or you have not had your chimney inspected for damage in many years, now is a great time to have it assessed. Contact Park Heights Roofing today, our chimney repointing specialists can help you make sure your chimneys mortar joints are in top condition.

Why Choose Park Heights Roofing?

Since 2001 Israel Elgamil and the team at Park Heights Roofing have been using their years of experience and knowledge to build the best roofing company in the area. We believe in providing our customers the best service possible when it comes to their roofing needs. We have received many awards for our high quality roofing services, including Baltimore’s Best Roofer by Baltimore Magazine. We are also a multi-time recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Awards on–awarded to only the top five percent of companies in each industry.

We take pride in every service we provide, whether we are helping you maintain your roof, or we are replacing a roof that is no longer protecting your home, we promise to deliver the highest quality workmanship.

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