Siding Replacement

Homeowners have a lot to prioritize when it comes to home maintenance, but one facet of their home that they shouldn’t overlook is their siding. The siding acts as one of the primary first layers of defense against the harsh outdoor elements, not to mention that it has a huge effect on your property’s curb appeal. Because of this, investing in siding replacement in Baltimore is something that you should strongly consider.

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Do You Need Siding Replacement in Baltimore?

So how do you know if your siding needs to be replaced? The following are a few issues that you should keep an eye out for which signify the need for siding replacement:

  • Physically damaged siding – In some cases, a damaged board can simply be replaced without having to replace your entire home’s siding. However, if your siding is affected by loose boards or cracked boards throughout your home’s exterior, then you may want to have the entire siding replaced. You should always check the layers beneath the damaged boards in case there is additional damage hidden underneath. If any of the boards exhibit signs of rotting or warping, then the problem is only going to grow worse and you should consider replacing your siding as soon as possible.
  • High energy bills – If your home was built with older or low-performing siding, then it could be resulting in high energy costs. This is because the heat and cool air being produced by your home’s HVAC system is escaping through your home’s siding. You should have a professional energy audit performed on your home in order to identify whether your siding is at fault for your high energy bills.
  • Peeling interior paint and loose wallpaper – If you notice the paint on your interior walls beginning to peel or your wallpaper beginning to come loose, it could be as a result of faulty siding. Poor quality or damaged siding can expose your home to moisture, which can penetrate the home and cause damage to your interior walls.
  • Visual blemishes – Visual blemishes on your siding are usually indicative of more serious problems, but they also cause your home’s curb appeal to drop. First of all, high quality siding should be able to keep its color for at least eight to ten years – if you find yourself having to repaint your siding more regularly than that due to the paint chipping, cracking or painting, your siding may be in need of replacement. If the color of your siding has faded away over time, it also means that the waterproofing may have worn off as well. Additionally, keep your eye out for bubbling – bubbling is a sure sign that your siding is allowing moisture to penetrate through.

These are a few signs that you are in need of siding replacement in Baltimore. If you are in need of siding replacement in Baltimore, make sure you use a reputable roofing contractor. Contact us at Park Heights Roofing for information about our top quality siding replacement services.

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