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Custom Gutters Baltimore

Your home’s gutters are an incredibly important part of your roof system, whether you realize it or not. The purpose of your gutters is to collect the rain water that runs down the roof and to disperse it away from your home’s foundation.

Without your
gutters, rain water could build up right by the foundation of your home, where it could seep in and cause serious water damage and structural damage. If you need to have your gutters replaced, you should consider installing custom gutters.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

The following are a few signs that you should look out for that your gutters are in need of replacement. Damaged gutters should be replaced right away to help prevent water damage from occurring.

  • The gutters have cracks or holes – If you spot cracks and holes in your gutter system, it’s time to replace it. Cracks and holes cause water to leak through, which means that water can collect in areas closer to the foundation instead of where the gutter system is meant to bring it.
  • The gutters have broken fasteners – The fasteners are what hold the gutters in place against the roof. If the fasteners are broken, the gutters can peel away from the roof. Not only can this result in the gutters breaking off completely, it means that instead of collecting in the gutters, rain water will simply slide right over the edge of the roof.
  • The seams are separating – If the seams between the gutter sections are separating, then the rain water it collects will fall between the gutter sections instead of being carried to where it should be deposited.
  • Flooded basement – If water is getting into your basement, it means that your gutter system is not doing its job and may need to be replaced.
  • Your exterior paint is peeling – If the paint on the side of your home is suddenly peeling, it could be because your gutters aren’t collecting rainwater properly and are allowing it to seep down the sides of your home.

The Benefits of Installing Custom Gutters

There’s a big advantage to installing custom gutters instead of a typical gutter system. Typical gutter systems involve the installation of different-sized sections of gutters. This can be time consuming to install and leaves more room for error.

Custom gutters are built after measuring your roof. They are available in longer sections that are designed specifically for the shape of your roof, which means there won’t be as many seams between segments. The fewer seams that there are, the less risk of water leaking through there is – and the more structurally sound the gutter system will be.

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If you think that your gutters are in need of replacement, then consider installing custom gutters. Here at Park Heights Roofing, we not only install custom gutters, we also provide gutter guards, which help prevent your gutters from getting damaged or clogged by debris. Be sure to schedule a professional gutter inspection by contacting us online or call (410) 358-1257.