You probably haven’t had much use for your fireplace over the summer, but now that summer has come and gone, the temperatures are starting to drop, which means you might get the urge to begin using your fireplace again. However, you should make sure that you have your chimney inspected before you begin using your fireplace. The chimney may have experienced damage without you having realized it – or it may be obstructed by any number of things. This could make it potentially dangerous to use your fireplace.

Professional Chimney Inspection

There are three different levels of chimney inspections available, each more comprehensive than the last. The following are the tasks a professional will perform during each inspection level:

  1. Level One Inspection – The most basic type of inspection involves the evaluation of every accessible part of the chimney, both on the interior and exterior. These parts include the flue, the damper and the masonry. The inspector will search for signs of damage or decay as well as determine if the components of your fireplace are in proper working condition. The inspector will also look for any debris or objects obstructing the chimney.
  2. Level Two Inspection – In addition to providing everything included in a Level One inspection, a Level Two inspection involves the use of close circuit cameras and other tools to perform a more thorough inspection of the chimney. Level Two inspections are usually only needed if your home has been damaged by a natural disaster, if parts of your fireplace have been replaced, if you’ve changed the fuel source of if there’s been an ongoing issue with leaks or odors.
  3. Level Three Inspection – This is the most thorough inspection available. However, it typically requires that parts of the chimney, ceilings, masonry or walls are removed to complete the inspection, making it quite invasive. It’s only recommended if the fireplace or chimney have experienced serious structural damage.

Park Heights Roofing Chimney Repairs

Here at Park Heights Roofing, we provide chimney maintenance and repairs, including repointingRepointing is a process in which we will replace any damaged mortar with new mortar in order to provide a stronger seal at the joints. This not only helps prevent water from penetrating the cracks, but will also extend the life of your chimney.

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected since the last time you used your fireplace, then you should strongly consider having it looked at before you begin using it again – especially if your home was exposed to severe weather elements since the last time you had your chimney inspected.

If you need to schedule a professional chimney inspection and repair service for your Baltimore-area home, be sure to contact us at Park Heights Roofing today. Our professional technicians have been thoroughly trained and have the experience necessary to perform thorough chimney inspections and repairs