Do you feel confident that your roof can withstand a blizzard or nor’easter this year? Walk outside and see if you can spot anything unusual. Any curled shingles or discolored spots could be a sign of weakness. Baltimore roofs put up with wind, rain, snow, and significant temperature swings over the winter, so you want everything to be strong and secure.

Homeowners can do several simple tasks to prepare a roof for winter in Baltimore. For repairs or any inspections that call for getting on the roof, leave it to the professionals.

Roof Cleaning and Inspection

Many roof problems can be spotted early by the homeowner. For even better protection, get an annual roof inspection in Baltimore. Rain and snow bring the potential for moisture damage under the shingles or even inside your home.

Add these to your fall home maintenance checklist:

  • Clean the gutters
  • Replace missing shingles
  • Address issues like warping, buckled patches
  • Get repairs for loose or damaged flashing
  • Check the attic for moisture damage and repair roof leaks
  • Clean chimneys and furnace flues

Attic Ventilation and Insulation

Attics should be insulated and ventilated to help control home heating and air conditioning costs. At the same time, these measures regulate humidity and temperature effects on the roof above.

In particular, you want to avoid ice dams—blockages of ice around the roof line and gutter that form after snow melts. Excess home heating that is allowed to escape through the roof can melt snow on the roof quickly. Before it flows through the gutter, unfortunately, it freezes back to ice. Ice dams can cause all the same problems as a clogged gutter.

Consider attic insulation replacement or the addition of more insulation. In addition to extra fiberglass batting, we can add other measures including blown-in insulation or spray foam insulation.

Remove Snow and Debris

It’s always important to keep your roof free of debris as much as possible, and winter poses the most serious risks. For under a hundred dollars, you can find a telescoping roof rake to shovel snow off the roof without having to climb up there. If you need assistance, stay safe and call a Baltimore roofing company to help.

Prepare a Flat Roof for Winter

Buildings with low-slope roofs or flat roofs should follow all of the above tips while also checking the drainage system. If you’ve had moisture problems in the past, consider roof waterproofing. Then, hose down the drain to make sure there’s proper flow and call for repairs if necessary.

Contact Baltimore’s Best Roofers for Help

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