With winter around the corner, you’ll want to prepare your home in every way possible to ensure the warmth and comfort of your family. If you find that your home seems to be losing a lot of heat – which not only makes your home less comfortable but also increases your heating bills – then you may want to take steps to reduce heat loss by installing new insulation.

Why You Should Insulate Your Home

Insulation helps to create a barrier that will keep the heat your HVAC system produces inside the home while at the same time preventing the cold winter air outside your home from leaking in. The following are just some of the other benefits of insulating your home properly:

  • Reduce your energy costs – The less heat escapes, the less heat your HVAC system has to produce, which means you’ll be paying for less energy.
  • Reduce wear and tear – When you’re losing heat, it means that your heating system has to work over time to replace that heat. The more it’s forced to work, the more likely it is that it will need repairs or that it will die before expected.
  • Improve comfort – Insulation can help reduce drafts, which means you won’t have those cold spots all around the home.
  • Reduce carbon footprint – Since insulation allows you to use less energy, it means that you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. In other words, adding insulation benefits the environment.

There are numerous types of insulation with different R values (which is the rating used to determine the effectiveness of an insulation type) to choose from. Places to consider adding insulation include your floors and walls – but one place that really shouldn’t be left without insulation is the attic.

Adding Attic Insulation

Here at Park Heights Roofing, we provide blown-in insulation for attic spaces. Blown-in insulation tends to work more effectively than other forms of insulation in the attic space because it allows you to insulate tough to reach spots and odd angles where the roof meets the attic floor.

The following are a few reasons why you should insulate your attic:

  • Heating your attic is a waste of energy – Keep the heat your HVAC system produces in your home. Unless someone is living in the attic, allowing heat to rise up into it is a waste of energy.
  • Prevent leaks – One of the main issues when it comes to attic spaces is that if they aren’t insulated, heat will rise through the attic and through the roof. If the roof is covered with ice or snow, it will end up melting, which can cause it to leak through the roof. This can cause water damage and could also result in mold or rot.

If your home isn’t properly insulated, then you should strongly consider having it insulated before winter hits. Be sure to contact us at Park Heights Roofing in order to have your attic space properly insulated for the upcoming winter.