If you need roof work done, whether it’s roof repair work or complete roof replacement, then one of the things you might be concerned with is whether getting this done in the winter is a good idea or not. After all, there are a number of challenges involved with roofing in the winter. The following are a few things you should know about roofing in the winter:

  • Snow and rain can interrupt the process – Roofing contractors won’t be able to get up on your roof and do any work if it’s snowing or raining. This means that your roofing project can be delayed. You can try to schedule around the weather forecast, but doing so isn’t fool-proof.
  • The preparation time will be longer – Because of the fact that snow will collect on your roof and because ice can gather as well, roofing contractors will have to spend some time removing the snow and ice so that they can not only begin work on your roof, but ensure that the roof is safe for them to walk on. Your project can end up taking a day or two longer just because snow and ice need to be cleared every day, which could take an hour or so to do properly.
  • There’s more of a safety risk – Work will also take longer during winter because contractors will take their time to ensure that they don’t take any safety risks.
  • There’s a human element to consider – Another reason why you should always go with a reputable contractor instead of a cheap contractor is that some poor quality contractors may end up cutting corners because they don’t want to work in the cold any longer than they have to. This, however, shouldn’t be a problem with reputable contractors.
  • The temperature can affect the installation – Flat rubber roofs cannot be installed if the temperature is below 40 degrees. The adhesives that seal the rubber roof will freeze and won’t bond. If you want to install a flat roof in the winter, you’ll only be able to install PVC or TOP roof systems. For sloped roofs, asphalt shingles can be installed during the winter, but they are more vulnerable to bending and cracking during installation, which means contractors have to be more careful. They can also have problems sealing properly if done during the winter. However, if you choose to install metal roofing, you’ll have no such issues.

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It may not seem ideal to replace or repair a roof in the winter. There are, as you can see, a lot of challenges associated with doing so. However, in some cases you simply have no control over when you need repairs or replacement – you can’t always put things like that off. Here at Park Heights Roofing, our roofing contractors have the training, skills and experience to do any roofing work you need regardless of the time of the year. If you need roofing work done, be sure to contact us at Park Heights Roofing today.