Your roof is one of the most important components of your home.  When your old roof starts to show signs of wear and tear-missing shingles, multiple leaks, lack of insulation, and it’s over 25 yeas old, you need to have it replaced. But replacing a roof isn’t done haphazardly.

When you replace your roof,do your homework.  Make sure the material you use is going to be the ideal fit for your home. Factors, such as the architectural style, and the pitch of your roof, along with your personal style and your budget, need to be considered.  You want a roofing material that’s durable, long-lasting, and provide a high degree of insulation for energy efficiency.

Steep Roof Limitations

For homeowners with a steep roof, it’s even more important to find the right materials, as you may be limited by architectural style. Financially, you’ll end up paying a bit more than someone with a flat-, or low-pitched roof. It’s a pretty big undertaking and requires a team of roofers who are adept at handling the angle, and making sure your shingles are placed correctly.

Park Heights Roofing is the area’s Best Roofer in Baltimore, according to Baltimore Magazine.  Our professional craftsmen are experienced in all manner of roof maintenance and roof replacement, including roofing steep pitched roofs. We know the right materials to fit your budget and your home.

Your Best Roof Investment

You want the most bang for your buck when replacing your steep pitched roof. Avoiding repairs and a long lifespan are critical. For style and durability, you’ll get the most out of a slate roof.  Though the initial investment may be a bit high, you’ll reap the benefits of this superior material immediately.

There’s no better naturally insulating material than slate, and your slate roof probably won’t  need replaced in your lifetime.  Some slate roofs last upwards of a century. The look of slate is also a bonus, especially on a steep pitched roof.

Of course, many architectural styles that boast steep pitched roofs, such as Victorian, Tudor, or Chateau, wear dimensional shingles well.  These offer the decorative appearance of cedar shingles, with superior insulation and protection. They also hold the pitch of your roof a bit better than standard shingles.

Asphalt shingles can be installed on steep pitched roofs, but may not give you the look you’re after.  The pitch of your roof may leave the standard shingle vulnerable to heavy winds and inclement weather. The lifespan of asphalt shingles is typically 20-30 years, but could be less on a steep roof.

The Right Roofer in Baltimore

Replacing a roof on a steep pitch requires an experienced roofing contractor. Park Heights Roofing has the know-how, and the expertise to replace your steep-pitched roof.  Our team of professional roofers take pride in a reputation for unmatched customer service, quality materials, and incomparable craftsmanship.  Trust the roofing company recognized over and over for “Super Service” by nationally acclaimed Angie’s List.  Contact Park Heights Roofing for all of your steep pitched roofing needs.