Putting a new roof on your home is one of the biggest home investments you’ll make.  Most homeowners only replace their roofs once during the time they own their home.  If you’ve researched your options and found the best possible roofing company for the job, you shouldn’t need to replace your shingle roof more than once in 30 years.

For those Baltimore homeowners who have a slate roof, the lifespan of your roof is considerably longer-, lasting more than a century.  Replacing your slate roof may seem a daunting investment, but you can’t beat the lifespan!  In either case, your new roof will bring you many years of comfort and freedom from leaks, drafts and invading critters, if properly installed.

Hiring a Trustworthy Roofer is Key

However, a poorly designed and installed roof has a life expectancy of only ten years or less. That’s not much of a return on your investment.  You need a trustworthy roofing contractor dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Homeowners in and around Charm City have  trusted the roofing and home exterior experts at Park Heights Roofing since 2001.  The roofers at Park Heights keep on top of new trends and technology in the home exterior and roofing industry in order to bring you the very best.  Park Heights Roofing is also recognized for the high-quality materials used in all of their work.

Keep Your Roof Strong

No matter what material is used, professional installation is the key to a healthy roof.  Ventilation and flashing are equally as pertinent to your roof’s longevity.  Without proper ventilation, your roof can degrade rapidly, and ill-placed flashing can cause water leakage and ice-dam build up, which can cause costly damage to your home’s interior.

In addition to quality components and skilled workmanship, your roof’s lifespan can be extended to the maximum when you follow a few tried-and-true maintenance tips:

  • Keep Gutters Clean – Maintain your gutters seasonally.  Make sure leaves, pine needles, and debris don’t build up and cause damage to your soffits, and fascia boards, sub-roofing, and flashing.  Blocked gutters can weigh heavy on your gutter line as well, causing water to creep in and damage your interior.
  • Clear Away Outside Threats – Examine the area around your roof for threats from trees.  Trim your trees to alleviate the opportunity for branches to fall and damage your roof.
  • Repair Leaks – At the first sign of a leak, contact Park Heights Roofing and schedule a roof inspection.  Repairing the leak immediately will help prevent further damage and costly repairs to your home’s interior.
  • Schedule Regular Inspections – Heavy rain and snow can pelt the Baltimore area and take a toll on your roof.  Any damage might not be visible to the unprofessional eye.  It’s essential to schedule a regular inspection to ensure the long life of your roof.

Contact our Baltimore Roofers Today

For more information on how you can get the most life out of your roof, contact the proven professionals at Park Heights Roofing and find out why we’re the top roofing company in and around Baltimore.  You won’t be disappointed.