It’s true that light colors are less heat-absorbing than dark colors.   Dark upholstery inside an automobile makes the interior much hotter, especially when the sun is blazing down on Baltimore.  Darker clothing, in Charm City summers, can be uncomfortable.  And have you ever noticed how much hotter asphalt seems when compared to concrete?

The same principle applies to roofing materials.  When you replace dark roofing with a lighter shade, you lower the temperature of your roof by up to 50°.  That means your home will not only be cooler, but will take a lot less effort, on the part of your cooling system, to create a comfortable home environment, and that translates into savings for you on your power bill.

All roofing materials are not the same and some are naturally more insulating, less heat-absorbent, and greener to manufacture from the get-go.  But, all homes will benefit from lighter colored roofing material when it comes to cooling down your home.  Many homes in the Mid-Atlantic region are topped with slate roofing, a naturally insulating material.  Switching it up to a lighter colored slate makes for savings in your utilities.

Park Heights Roofing is proud to carry energy efficient roofing material and insulation that can help homeowners all over the Baltimore and DC area stay green while keeping utilities low.  Replacing your dark roofing with light colored roofing materials is an investment that begins to pay off immediately.

The Light Colored Difference

In order to maintain a comfortable home, homeowners in and around Baltimore rely on their cooling systems.  You may have one of the newer energy-saving systems in your home, but there’s plenty more that can be done to safeguard the environment as well as your budget. Installing a lighter colored roof will make your cooling system work much more efficiently.

It’s a fact that your home’s dark roof is a heat sponge, soaking up the sun’s rays and distributing that heat into your home.  A light colored roof will reflect the sunlight, instead of absorbing those intensely hot rays, thus lightening the load on your AC and reducing your utility bills by as much as 20%.  Lessening your use of your home’s AC results in fewer carbon emissions, making light colored roofing materials better for the planet.  Less heat absorption means less degradation of your roofing materials as well.

What About Winter?

Some homeowners may wonder what a lighter roof means for their heating bills come fall.  Because of the shorter daylight hours, there is virtually no difference in how warm your house will be with a lighter roof versus a dark one.  Any heat absorbed by a dark roof in cooler temps quickly dissipates before it has a chance to provide any value.

Honest, Reliable Baltimore Roofers

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